Our Corporales are approximately 50-60 min and include a hot drink of your choice at the end.


Chocolate Massage

This treatment is based on "National Fine of aroma", pure cocoa with the best type of Cacaos from Ecuador. The body gets a look of finesse and thinness better than before treatment, the Polyphenol in cocoa stops the aging process, causing it to get a younger look. In addition, dead skin is exfoliated and the pores of the skin are detoxified.

Cost: $65

Coffee Massage

We do this treatment with Ecuadorian Coffee. We proceed with a skin-exfoliating scrub. Through the textures you get softer skin. Coffee is very rich in antioxidants and surprisingly has a much higher content even of fruits and vegetables. All this makes it a great remedy for the damage caused by UV rays to the skin due to its exposure to the sun.

Cost: $65

Mixed Coffee and Chocolate

This mixed body treatment has the power of Coffee and Chocolate together. First, the skin is treated with coffee to exfoliate the skin and then the Chocolate helps make your skin softer and more hydrated and looks younger.

Cost: $70

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