Our massages are approximately 50-60 min and include a hot drink of your choice at the end.


Aromatic essences

Duration: 60 minutes
Specification: Relaxing full body massage.

The guest chooses the pressure and the desired essence.

Price: $60 individual / $110 couple

Hot stones of the river

Duration: 60 minutes
Specification: Full body massage that activates the energies of the body, relaxing and relaxing.

This massage is recommended for guests with a lot of stress.

Price: $65 individual / $120 couple

Mindo’s chocolate

Duration: 60 minutes
Specification: Relaxing full-body massage, made with hot chocolate from the area. Provides the guest with hydration of the skin, leaving a smooth and hydrated texture.

It is ideal for dehydrated skin.

Price: $65 individual / $120 couple

Sound of the birds

Duration: 30 minutes
Specification: Personalized massage focused on one or two parts of the body.

Recommended for contractured areas.

Price: $45 individual / $85 couple

Force of nature

Duration: 90 minutes
Specification: Decontracting whole body massage.

This massage balances body, mind and emotions.

Price: $90 individual / $160 couple

Foot Reflexology

Duration: 30 minutes
Specification: Massage that uses the application of pressure on the feet with specific techniques of the thumb, finger and hand with the use of oil or lotion.
- Calm the restlessness
- Counteract fatigue
- Relieves aches, pains and aches
- Improves circulation

Price: $48 individual / $90 couple

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